From the founding of Crypto Chain University in 2010, the University and its founder, Herbert R. Sim, have had the purpose and the resolve to develop a resource for all, embracing the theory of decentralization, basically to make knowledge and education of Crypto and Blockchain free for all, as much as possible.

The provision of such opportunities overall has public benefit in terms of contributing to the economic and social well-being of all the communities the University serves.


Benefits to the public

The Public Benefit derived from our mission may be summarised as follows, although these are illustrative examples and not an exhaustive list.

1) Social inclusion and social change

2) Development of ideas and critical thinking

3) A force for driving educational and cultural strategy for the industry of Crypto and Blockchain

4) An Educational Hub


Our Mission

In setting the character and mission of the Crypto Chain University within those powers, the Board of Governors have adopted the following mission statement:

“We are a learning community promoting excellence, innovation and creativity. We are committed to being:

1) An agent for social inclusion and social change

2) An arena for the development of ideas and critical thinking

3) A strategic force driving educational and cultural strategy for the industy of Crypto and Blockchain.

4) An educational hub supporting the economy through creativity, knowledge transfer, research and development.

Through knowledge, innovation and enterprise we aim to transform the lives of those who engage with us.”


Donate to the University

Donors to the University are recognized for their contributions to the technological arts, and the propagation of cryptocurrency and blockchain fields. Donors will be qualified to be considered by the University’s Board of Governors, for the conferment of the following ranks respectively — Commandeur (Commander), Officier (Officer), Chevalier (Knight), based on the ‘Ordre des Arts et des Technologie‘.

Your funding helps provide for operations of the university: server costs, staff salary, writers, collection development, outreach, and marketing, more importantly, towards research of cryptocurrency and blockchain. If you are part of an institution and would like to provide longer term endowment please contact us directly to structure your giving.

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