The University is committed to having a student body that is balanced and diverse in terms of background and experience drawn from the Region, nationally and internationally with all the educational and cultural benefits that such diversity brings.

As part of our strategy for widening participation, we have made a clear commitment to ensuring that, as fees increase, students with genuine financial need are in receipt of good advice and appropriate financial assistance.

Our aim is to ensure that no student has legitimate reason to be deterred from applying to Crypto Chain University because of the costs of education here.

The University has a well established programme of outreach activities designed to raise level of attainment, aspirations and applications among under-represented groups.

Once they are at the University, we are committed to ensuring that all our students benefit from an excellent teaching and learning experience as well as extra-curricular opportunities, including a range of community volunteering programmes, that enable students to develop as individuals and enhance future employability.

Cultural life

In the wide cultural context, the University both collectively and through the encouragement of societies and individual initiative seeks to play a very active role in the community it serves.

For example, we work with many artist to create digital artworks for our website, which encourages the demand of such creative works for the industry of Crypto and Blockchain, while simultaneously stimulating and promoting awareness of the industry.

Though both staff and student representation on civic, voluntary, faith and cultural bodies, the University remains a key participant in the diverse cultural and community life in the cities and countries they are based in.


Donate to the University

Donors to the University are recognized for their contributions to the technological arts, and the propagation of cryptocurrency and blockchain fields. Donors will be qualified for the conferment of the following ranks respectively — Commandeur (Commander), Officier (Officer), Chevalier (Knight), based on the ‘Ordre des Arts et des Technologie‘.

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(Featured Illustration: Bare Magazine/Leanne Chan)