The Crypto Chain University is committed to producing innovative and rigorous research that contributes both to the crypto and blockchain inudstry. The research agenda is wide ranging, inter-disciplinary, and methodologically pluralistic, and is strongly oriented towards comparative study, across the world.

Countries from across the world are experiencing many simultaneous transitions in the crypto and blockchain space – a development and demographic transition, a social transition (in healthcare, social security, and urbanisation), a governance transition (with implications for the management of public organisations), and an international power transition (with powerhouses like America, China and Russia). Faculty research is strongly focused on these areas and draws on a range of theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and disciplinary tools and perspectives.


Research Topics

Top People In Crypto And Blockchain

Top Crypto And Blockchain Exchanges In The World


Cryptocurrency & Blockchain


Blockchain and the World of Art


Media and Telecoms on the Blockchain
Social Media on the Blockchain: A New Era of Digital Communications & Data Ownership


Blockchain, Student Identities, and the Next Era of Higher Education


Manufacturing 4.0: Making things on the Blockchain

Environmental Sciences

Blockchain, Climate Change and Planet Stewardship


Transforming Commercial Banking
The ICO Revolution: The Reinvention of Investment Banking?
The Blockchain Actuary: New Models of Insurance
Peer to Peer Finance: Distributed and Collaborative Marketplaces
Blockchain and the Reinvention of Global Clearing and Settlements
Trade Finance and the Blockchain
State-backed Digital Currencies
Gold-backed Crypto Currencies
Digital Exchanges, Capital Markets & the Blockchain
ICO Heat Map: Taxonomy & Characteristics of ICOs
Blockchain and Green Finance

Hotel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism in the Blockchain Era


Patenting The Blockchain: Opportunities, Limitations and Pitfalls
IP and Rights Management in the Blockchain Era


Blockchain and the CEO: Making the Case for Disruption, Leading the Transformation
Blockchain and the CLO: Asset Chains – the Future of Supply Chain Management
Blockchain and the CFO: Triple Entry Accounting and Corporate Finances
Blockchain and the CMO: The Next Era of Sales and Marketing
Blockchain and the CIO: Blockchain and Enterprise Technology Architecture
Blockchain and the CHRO: Managing Talent in a Distributed Economy



Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain
Medical Research and Big Pharma

Policies and Regulations

Reinventing Government: Reducing Costs, Improving Services, Stewarding Assets
Democracy 3.0: Restoring Integrity and Legitimacy of Public Institutions
Blockchain and Regulation: What Regulators Should and Should Not Do
Governance in Decentralized Networks
Governance Framework for Blockchain Use Cases
Governance Model for Copyright Registration on the Blockchain

Real Estate

Blockchain and Real Estate: How Blockchain is Transforming Land Registry


Life Sciences Data Records and Management on the Blockchain


Blockchain, Encryption, and Cybersecurity


Strategies for a Secret/Open World: Managing Blockchain Transparency


Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles on the Blockchain
Blockchain and the Airline Industry
Automotive Sector Software Blockchain Application Updates

Breakthrough Ideas

The Ledger of Things: Blockchain and the IoT
Winning Strategies for Smart Contracts
Rethinking Identity for the Blockchain World
Big Data in a Blockchain-Powered World
The Token Economy: Rethinking Assets for the Blockchain Era
The Innovator’s Dilemma: Implementing The Second Era of the Internet
Building Quantum Resistant Blockchains
Blockchain and AI
Blockchain and The Internet of Agreements
Blockchain Taxonomy
Managing Loyalty Points on the Blockchain