The University as a charity

An Educational Hub supporting the economy through employee entrepreneurship creativity Knowledge Transfer research and development.


The Crypto Chain University is recognised as one of the most entrepreneurial, business-facing Institutions in the world with regards to Crypto and Blockchain.

We provide business support, consultancy, skills development and research, which contributes significantly to the economic regeneration and prosperity of those living and working across the world in the community of Crypto and Blockchain.

Job Opportunities

The University is at the forefront in Knowledge Transfer Programmes – providing businesses with the opportunity to make best use of the skills of our researchers.

We view researchers’ and readers’ employability as a vital part of what we do, not only for the benefit of the individual, but in terms of contributing to the prosperity, economic and social growth of our region.

The University also aims to offer continuing professional development to businesses and individuals to maintain the competitive edge in the Crypto and Blockchain industry across the world in an internationally competitive and ever changing economy – seeking to secure and optimise the skills and opportunities for the communities we serve.


Donate to the University

Donors to the University are recognized for their contributions to the technological arts, and the propagation of cryptocurrency and blockchain fields. Donors will be qualified for the conferment of the following ranks respectively — Commandeur (Commander), Officier (Officer), Chevalier (Knight), based on the ‘Ordre des Arts et des Technologie‘.

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