Welcome from the Chair

I am delighted to welcome you to governance at the Crypto Chain University. The below links describe the way in which governance operates at the University and provides information on the Board’s powers, membership and new decisions made.

The Crypto Chain University prides itself in its educational repository roots. Since its earliest days in the 2010, the University has had the purpose of providing further education through its repository roles to as many people in the community, having the motivation and academic ability to do so well. The Board of Governors is proud to ensure this tradition strives today.

The Board of Governors is a member based network of volunteers who are recognized by Crypto Chain University in the field of Business Technology. Every board member consists of International Subject Matter Experts and Industry Practitioners that serve as the Benchmark & Body of Knowledge.

The Board members are carefully selected from the industry and are committed to creating a positive impact to the Business Technology profession. The Board possess an in-depth knowledge and experience in developing and executing organizational digital transformation, policy and strategy; and remain an independent voice for the industry. The Board is responsible for the development and the maintenance of Crypto Chain University, and also in managing the ethical standards of the University.

Chair Of Governors
Chair of the Board of Governors


Further information about the governing body can be found using the links below:

Duties and Powers

Discover the duties and powers of the Board and the responsibilities involved.


Discover the current Members of the Board of Governors.

Meeting Dates

Discover the calendar of meetings (available for board of governors only).