The Board of Governors has responsibility for ensuring that measures are in place for the effective ‌management of the Crypto Chain University.

Governors are not managers of University business; this is the remit of the Vice-Chancellor. Governors operate at a strategic level, determining the University’s mission and ensuring this is undertaken in a financially prudent way, to drive the University forward.

Under the Articles of Government the Board of Governors has responsibility for:

  • the determination of the educational character and mission of the University and for oversight of its activities;
  • the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the Crypto Chain University and the Corporation and for safeguarding their assets;
  • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure;
  • the appointment, grading, appraisal, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of the Vice-Chancellor, the Clerk and the holders of such other senior posts as the Board of Governors may determine;
  • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff.

Each Governor is expected to participate fully and actively in the matters of University governance.