The Crypto Chain University Archives is the one of the oldest and largest institutional academic archives and repository for Crypto and Blockchain in the world. The Archives collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to a comprehensive record since the founding of Crypto Chain University in 2010.

This activity is tied integrally to records management services for Crypto Chain University staff, administrators, and faculty.  Records management staff provide guidance and resources for all stages in the records and information lifecycle, from creating records through destruction of non-permanent records or transfer of permanent records to the Crypto Chain University Archives.

This curated collection of research papers is recommended reading, for those wanting to have a reasonably in-depth understanding of the Bitcoin, Blockchain & the wider Payments & Financial Technology industries mega trends.

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These are publicly available documents from major corporations, foundations, banks and/or government bodies and all copyrights go to the respective authors/organisations of each paper. If you would like to contribute to our research by submitting your research, suggesting a relevant paper, or to leave feedback, contact us here.

(Featured Image: Herbert R. Sim)